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Common mistakes people make when they get a loan

You go to work and manage your salary the best you can. You get enough to keep on top of your bills and you budget the rest for food, clothing and other necessary expenditures. You are relatively on top of your finances and are working towards clearing you debt and saving. At times though, you […]

7 Oct 15

Why it pays to start shopping for Christmas gifts early

With Christmas right at the end of the year, you’ll be forgiven for not wanting to think about shopping for gifts until at least December. It seems like such a long way off with plenty of time to buy presents for loved ones. You have so many other daily expenses, that Christmas shopping just doesn’t […]

17 Sep 15

4 Attitudes to Achieving Success Almost Everyone Has

Don’t get caught up in the treadmill of life. Don’t just read about the success stories, believe you can be a success story. The experts say, when you have your mind set on achieving something, your actions will follow. To achieve success you need to first visualise in your head what it is you want. […]

2 Sep 15

The Positive Outlook of a Successful Professional

Ambitious, driven, determined are all names given to the successful. But what does it take to be all these things? How do successful professional acquire these names. Companies demand certain values in their top professionals. If you want to boost your career, learn about the positive outlook of a successful professional. Create a vision of […]

27 Aug 15

How to tell if debt consolidation is right for you

It’s worrying if you are just scraping by to meet repayments on debt. Each month you wonder whether you’ll be able to afford them, talk less of paying for the basics such as eating, rent or the mortgage, utility bills and everything else that swallows your wage packet. It can also be a huge concern […]

26 Aug 15

What you need to know: Simple Interest vs Compound Interest.

What you need to know: Simple Interest vs Compound Interest.   It’s extremely useful to know the difference between Simple and Compound interest, when working out the total cost of borrowing on credit cards loans, savings and investments. Most times when we think of interest we consider only the simple interest which is calculated by […]

14 Jul 15

7 Essential steps to building Sunny Day Savings

It’s not easy building up a nice nest egg, investing your money and staying on top of bills especially in financial difficulty. Well, in this article you’ll discover how to do just that. We’ve got 7 essential steps to building Sunny Day Savings. Build a nest egg If you can build a nest egg of […]

14 Jul 15

Top 10 reasons people get a short term loan

Short term loans have become a common thing in the modern age with people taking them out on a regular basis. Millions of people in the UK have short term loans out and this number has been holding steady for a number of years. Here are some of the reasons why people take out short […]

14 Jul 15
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