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4 Attitudes to Achieving Success Almost Everyone Has

2 Sep 15

Don’t get caught up in the treadmill of life. Don’t just read about the success stories, believe you can be a success story. The experts say, when you have your mind set on achieving something, your actions will follow. To achieve success you need to first visualise in your head what it is you want. Paint a picture of what the end result looks like and what you need to get there and you’ll have no choice to get into action. Our lives aren’t merely to be lived working day to day earning enough to pay the bills. We can choose, to get more from life. We have the right to live a better. more fulfilling life, even in the midst of ups and downs. But it takes a certain kind of attitude to get success, and a few of these attitudes you probably already have. Here they are.

You have tunnel vision.
Most of us have tunnel vision about something. Whether it’s an opinion we stand on, a value we hold, or a way of doing things. We decide within ourselves on one or more aspects of our life, that our attitude to that way of living is the best for us. The same goes for achieving success. If you truly crave to live a better life, you need to get tunnel vision. You need a one track mind that your success is achievable. All you need is to discover what it takes to get it.

Most of the success stories you read today are about people who believed beyond a shadow of doubt, that with a few tweaks here and there and solid determination, they were going to go above the norm. Don’t just dream of a successful life, believe you can go out and make one.

You don’t like excuses
Not all successful people had the support or the finances to reach their final goals, but that didn’t stop them. They knew what they wanted and they knew that it might take longer to get it but they were going to use what they got. Looking at current circumstances and thinking you do not have what it takes to get to where you want, is an excuse. You already know that excuses never solved problems. Action did.

There’s nothing like the perfect situation. Everyone faces challenges and no one quite has what they hoped for. So, decide you won’t let what you don’t have hold you back. Take action with what you do have.

You don’t measure your success against the success of others
You know that path you’ve walked upon. Your experiences have different from others likely, due to your upbringing, the choices you made and the experiences you have had.

Where you are today, is because of the life that you have lived. It was different from everyone else’s. So it stands to reason that your achievements will be different from others. You can’t set the standard of achievement, whether good or bad, by those around you. Appreciate the successes of others but don’t let it be an indicator of what your own future holds.

Don’t be discouraged, jealous or disillusioned about your own path to success. You path to success will be different from others. It could be faster, slower, more complicated, but it can be. What you should be doing with the success of others, is learning from it. Follow the advice of the greats, this will definitely make the goal achievable.

Family and good friendship are important to you
Nothing is more important to you than your family. They are the ones that pat you on the back when you have done well, pick you up when you fall, laugh with you when you’ve been happy. You need a circle of people, friends and family that stand with you through it all.

Success requires sacrifice and it’s certainly going to take a lot of your time but it doesn’t have to affect the positive relationships you have. You want you family around to push you on and enjoy your accomplishments with.

So even though you are determined to make a difference in your life, which will require a huge amount of your time and focus, you can still spend special time with those you love. Whether daily, weekly, monthly, whatever suits you, you can put your goals second place to giving undivided attention to your nearest and dearest. Success is sweeter when you have people to share it with. The love and support of family will help you achieve so much more.