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Amazing Supermarket Saving Tips You May Never Have Thought About

5 Oct 15

Many of us are becoming savvier on hunting for bargains to save on our supermarket bills. But, there are still some unapparent ways to keep more change in your pocket.

Try not to save too much
There really shouldn’t be anything wrong with trying to save too much but we are talking about the times when we don’t need to hunt down anymore bargains.

Shoppers can get really enthusiastic when they see a good deal but it’s stops being a good deal when you buy things just because they are on offer rather than because you need them.
Make sure you don’t go over your budget in a bid to pick up all the latest deals. Stick to your shopping list and avoid spending more than you should.

Buy certain items in bulk
With convenient stores and supermarkets popping up everywhere it becomes easier to buy items as soon as they finish. Washing powder, toilet paper, soft drinks, hot drinks and frozen meat are staple items on most people’s shopping lists. They are used regularly and finish quickly. Buying these items from the cash and carry warehouses will save you money in the long run as well as save time on frequent shopping trips.

Traditional Cash and Carry’s require you to pay a small yearly fee and have your own business. However stores like JJFoodservices.com will allow you join for free with a personal account.

Imagine this. From Makro, another Cash and Carry, you can buy a 6.8kg of Fairy Non Bio Laundry Powder 105 Washes at £14.39 compared to 2.6kg of the same powder with 40 washes for £7.50 from your local supermarket

Just like when you pick up a bargain, don’t overdo bulk buying. Stick to items with long shelf lives that you would normally buy.

Know your sizes
Don’t just look for what’s on offer but have a look at how much the item costs per gram or pound. You can normally find this detail on the price information on supermarket shelves. Once you have this information, compare the item to bigger or smaller sizes. Sometimes in spite of a knocked down price tag, it works out cheaper to buy one of a bigger size or two or more of the smaller size. Don’t get mislead by reduced prices.

Compare your store to others
If you never used mysupermarket.com, start today. It’s quick to register on the site by using either your Facebook account or popping your details into the site’s Register form. You can choose your favourite store and checkout their current offers. You can also compares prices across supermarkets and when you are happy with your finds you can purchase online through mysupermarket.com for delivery. Cost effective and convenient.

Have meals by the deals
A great tip, especially if you and your family already plan your weekly meals, is to check online or in your local supermarket’s magazine for the latest food deals. Then, you can plan your meals around the offers. You’ll be one step ahead of saving as well as maintaining variety in what you eat.