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Six ways to overcome your debt worries

28 Jan 16

Being in debt is not an uncommon phenomenon with people taking out loans in the form of mortgages, store cards, credit cards and personal loans for larger purchases such as cars or weddings. The world we live in isn’t a cheap one and everyone wants to enjoy as much as they can. Being in debt can cause a large amount of worry, and regularly people with anxiety cite money worries as being the number one cause of this.

Focus on the present and not the past
Getting out of debt can be a long term project and it’s important to take debt management one step at the time. Think about what you are currently spending, where you can save money and how you can decrease your debt rather than focusing on what you did wrong last month.

Think of the positives
It is always important to keep your focus on the positives, for every debt payment you make you’re one step closer to clearing it off and being debt-free. Don’t focus your thoughts on the things you are missing out on while clearing your debt, think of how much better your life will be once the debt is cleared.

Keeping a positive mental attitude will help you feel better and this isn’t just relating to your debt. At the end of every day write down something positive about your day, it could be something as little as going for a brisk walk, mastering the dinner you made or having a relaxing bath, thinking of what made the day great will ease your anxieties.

Face your demons
We all have times when we want to turn around and ignore our issues, but burying your head in the sand won’t help with your situation, and it will all come out at some point. Facing your demons head on and thinking about your debt worries will ease everything in the long run rather than having it hang over your heads forever more. Debt worries will hang over you like a black cloud and cause you extreme worry until you take a step to easing your situation.

Seek advice and help
You don’t need to take the burden of your debt all on your own. There are plenty of professionals out there who have seen it all before, and probably worse. People always say that a burden shared is a burden halved and this is very true so don’t be afraid to seek help or ask for advice, an outsider looking in on your situation might think of something which you haven’t even thought about.

If you don’t want to take to a professional even just discussing your worries with a friend or family member can help you relax and lessen your worries.

Stick to a budget
Budgeting is probably the word you hate most when you’ve got money worries, but writing your expenditure down and sticking to a set amount of money will help you be able to plan repayments and ensure your mind is at ease about your money worries. Knowing what money you have and what money you need for the month ahead will help you be able to set aside how much you can save or pay off your debts.

Address the physical stress that debt worry can cause
Being anxious and stressed about money problems and growing debt can easily cause physical and psychological problems which can develop further. There are simple ways to relax and ensure that your body is not under additional stress.

Eating a healthy balanced diet will keep your mind and body sharp and working well, exercising regularly will release endorphins that will make you feel better, ensuring you get your recommended amount of sleep each day will keep you alert and feeling good, and taking time out for yourself will help you feeling happier. By doing things which make you feel happy such as painting, reading, watching a movie or going out with friends will remind you of your life before money worries.

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